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Our Field Ecology Center published more than 180 methodical materials for nature studies. Some of them are in English:
Mobile educational application: Ecological Field Studies Techniques on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of North America: Songs and Calls Decoys on Play.Google WILD FLOWERS OF RUSSIA Field Identification Guide on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Russia on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Russia Songs, Calls and Voices on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Europe Songs, Calls and Voices on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Europe Songs, Calls and Voices on Play.Google
Mobile Educational Apps and Field Identification Guides for Russian, European and American Birds
Applications for Android and iOS are available at GooglePlay and AppStore

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Participating in the Ecological Field Techniques Course


The primary audience for this course is science teachers and environmental educators who want to learn the concepts and skills necessary to conduct valid ecological field study investigations. The courses are designed to have teachers conduct the field studies with their students and exchange the results with other teachers and students in other countries.


The Ecological Field Techniques Course is delivered to science and environmental teachers and their students throughout the world via computer-based telecommunications. All course materials and course delivery are available through basic internet connections. Participants must have Microsoft Explorer or Netscape Navigator, an internet connection and VHS video player or CD ROM drive to participate in the program. University course credit from montana State University, USA is available.


The Ecological Field Techniques Program is offered as a series of three credit courses in science education through the Department of Education at montana State University (MSU), Bozeman, montana. Registration for this course is through The Burns Telecommunications Center. Click on the course registration button below for information about enrolling in the course. If you would like to communicate about university credit please email Michael Brody at montana State University.

If you are a teacher working in the Russian Federation and are interested in participating in this program, please email Alexsander Bogolyubov at Association Ecosystem for registration information for the program. If you teach in a country other than the USA or Russia, please contact either Michael or Alexsander about the program.


If you are interested in viewing the ecological field techniques course as a guest, click on the course access button below or log into the MSU WebCT site with user name: ecoguest and password: ecoguest. Then click on "Ecological Field Techniques".

We hope you are interested in our work and would like to participate with your students in this exciting program.


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