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CreekFarm Education Associates
CreekFarm Education Associates

Field Ecology Education = Полевое Экологическое Образование
Association "Ecosystem"

EcoDigiArt Group
EcoDigiArt Group

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Coming Soon

Native American PowWow: Dances and Stories Related to Nature

We are working on the production of several instructional videos that draw students’ attention to the close connections of Native American culture and nature. Among the topics covered are the Grass Dance, White Clay Story and PowWow Celebration.

Russian/American Ecological Study Tours

We are currently planning field study expeditions in 2005. First will be a cultural and ecological tour of the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and the Middle Ural Mountains in the Russian Federation. The second will be a study tour of Yellowstone National Park. These expeditions will comprise 6–12 people and university credit will be available.

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