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CreekFarm Education Associates
CreekFarm Education Associates

Field Ecology Education = Полевое Экологическое Образование
Association "Ecosystem"

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EcoDigiArt Group

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About Us

In 1998, Creek Farm Education Associates (Creek Farm) was incorporated by Michael Brody and Laura Mentch in the State of Montana. Creek Farm was conceived and developed to create an organization devoted to helping people learn about nature, the environment and their personal health.

Creek Farm began its collaborative work with Alexander Bogolyubov, President of Association Ecosystem and Director of the Moscow Center for Field Studies, Moscow, Russia. Michael and Alexander initiated their first project developing a series of 40 seasonal ecological field study videos and manuals for teachers and their students. The materials have recently been published.

Creek Farms next major project was a partnership with Association Ecosystem and the National Teachers Enhancement Network to develop on-line graduate level courses focusing on teaching teachers about ecological field studies. This project was funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF) USA. The Ecological Field Study Courses offered through Montana State University connected teachers throughout the United States and Russian Federation. The prototype courses have been further developed and have been offered every academic semester since the fall of 1999.

In 2003 Creek Farm joined with its Russian colleagues to go beyond university-based courses and to create CREEKFARM NETWORK. The network is designed to bring together people world-wide who are interested in nature, the environment and promoting positive personal health choices.

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